“Travel is so much more than a place to visit; it’s a connection that keeps you yearning for more. It’s a fantasy come true—a place you’ve connected to because of storytelling. Just like the food that nourishes your body, travel is the adventure that feeds your soul.”–Paula

Paula Iwanski

Paula Iwanski is the lead travel artist and founder of the Art of Travel Company.  Having planned vacations for her own discriminating family of six, she’s traveled to 39 states, multiple Caribbean Islands and European countries for business and pleasure and wanted to share her passion and expertise in travel helping others create their own dream vacation.

The Art of Travel Company A Veteran of the United States Air Force with more than 20 years experience in marketing, sales, and event planning, she has learned the intricacies of niche travel markets. Working with Fortune 500 companies in marketing and events, speaking at travel and trade show conferences, and diving into sales for the iconic brands Islands, Destination Weddings & Honeymoons, Caribbean Travel & Life, Scuba, Sport Diver, SAVEUR, Field & Stream, and Outdoor Life magazines, she’s traveled the world turning every experience, (be it personal or business), into her own travel masterpiece one adventure at a time.

Zach Stovall


Zach Stovall’s photographs have graced the pages and covers of enthusiast magazine travel brands, IslandsCaribbean Travel and Life, and Yachting. It is our opinion that he has one of the “coolest jobs on earth” having traveled to more than 50 countries, meeting people from all walks of life. He’s a simple, happy, truly genuine guy, who loves to travel and is super fun to hang out with too. Perhaps that’s why, his photographs capture moments that take your breath away, striking a cord in your heart, beckoning you to visit.  Nothing depicts those moments in travel quite like a photograph, and we couldn’t think of anyone’s pictures we’d rather have featured throughout our site. To see more of Zach’s portfolio, please visit www.zachstovall.com.