Visiting Warner Brothers Studios UK: The Making of Harry Potter

Most of those who love Harry Potter and all things associated with the books and movies know there are theme park rides dedicated to the Boy Wizard, but did you know there is a warehouse just outside London that houses many of the original sets, costumes, and props used in the making of the films? Not only can Potter fans visit the original movie sets, but they can also see first hand how the movie sets were developed, hear about what is was like for these young actors and actresses to grow up on a movie set, learn about the movie making process, how the animals were trained and cared for during the making of the movies, and discover some of the secrets behind the incredible computer assisted cinematic genius in all 8 of the films. Visitors can also try their hand at wand dueling, learn the art of broomstick riding, practice their spells, and taste real butterbeer. While it isn’t an inexpensive attraction, a family of four can visit for about the cost of a 1-day theme park ticket.

Warner Brothers Studios UK was home to the entire cast and crew of the Harry Potter Movie Series for 10 years. The studio decided to recreate the sets and display props, costumes and behind the scenes memorabilia to share with the public, and created this magical experience adjacent to the working studios. Open since 2012, visitors can now immerse themselves in the world of Harry Potter and his companions and not only walk in their footsteps but learn about the magic of movie making as well.

Because traveling with children can be a little complicated, especially when there is a 10 year age gap between the oldest and youngest child, we try to allow each child an opportunity to provide us with a wish list of activities and attractions he or she is excited to experience for each trip.

Our 12 year old son has spent the last few years, engrossed in the World of Harry Potter. Once he found out this tour was possible, it was his first priority for our trip to London. To allow for everyone to be engaged in this more than 3 hour tour, we watched all 8 films as a family.

Buying your tickets

Tickets for this tour sell out fairly quickly, and must be purchased in advance. I bought our tickets 3 months in advance, and the availability was very limited. So book as early as possible for the best dates and times. If the day you are hoping to book appears sold out, keep checking the website, before giving up or booking a bus package. The studio allows for patrons to exchange their tickets for a small fee, so days may open up. I was able to add a ticket to our tour just 2 weeks before we went.

Getting to the studio

The Studios are located in Watford, England: approximately 20 miles away from London. There are dedicated tours that offer a hotel pickup and drop off and your entry ticket. There are also transportation services that provide transport to and from the studio, but do not provide your entry ticket. If you are someone who worries about navigating public transportation or are not a fan of Uber/Lyft, one of these two options are probably for you.

I am a terrible navigator, so if I can get to the studio from London, anyone can. The train to Watford station was easy for us to find and it was a 20 minute ride. As soon as you reach the platform, there are signs very visibly posted, pointing the way to the Harry Potter bus. The bus was waiting at the station to bring us on a 20 minute journey to the Studio. Per adult, with an oyster card, the train and the bus was about £10.00. Children are about half the cost.

For those who love coupons and bargains: Groupon UK has been offering vouchers for a special ticket that includes a self guided tour from 5 pm to midnight, a butterbeer, a beverage of choice, and a meal from the Backlot Restaurant on site for £50.00. The dates are limited, but might be worth a look.

What to Expect on the Tour

Arrival to the studio

Just outside the studio, there are multiple ticket windows to pick up tickets if you bought through the studio website. There may be another queue as all bags are searched and all adults are wanded with metal detectors, prior to entering.

Beginning the self guided tour

Upon arrival, there is a short wait to watch a video on the self guided tour. There is a photo area at the beginning for family or individual pictures while you wait. There is also a small snack shop and a gift shop. After the movie, the doors open, and you are free to wander this enormous space at your leisure.

Essentially, this is a gigantic warehouse that has been broken up into several sets, each with a theme and the props and accompaniments associated with the theme. We found it difficult to move quickly from one set to the next, because each area was so intricate and detailed. We just wanted to keep exploring.

Interactive exhibits

There are several interactive exhibits that may have a line. Our favorite was levitating broomsticks, followed by a lesson in wand dueling, taught by a local staff member and the real onset instructor to the movie stars, via recorded video.

There are two photo/video opportunities. Your party can dress in their favorite house colors and pose for a group pic, and individually, take a ride on a mechanical broomstick and with the help of green screen animation. Participants fly over Hogwarts and various screen locations from the movies. Your ride is captured on video, and you can choose to purchase or not.

Dining Options

There is only one, fairly small fast casual restaurant. The Backlot Restaurant offers an opportunity to try your very own butterbeer and a souvenir mug can be purchased as well. There are sandwiches and various cooked to order options such as burgers and vegetarian hot dogs, but be aware, this was the longest wait of the evening for us. If possible, pack your own meal, and just wait for the butterbeer. Time goes fast at this attraction.

Once through the restaurant, the exhibits continue outdoors, and then back indoors.

The Newest Exhibit

Opened in April 2019, is the new addition of Gringott’s Bank. Costumes, behind the scenes displays of how masks and other special prosthetics were developed, and even the bank vault are now on display.

A Warning for Young Visitors

While most of the exhibits are family friendly, my youngest was frightened by the Forbidden Forest and the giant, crawling spiders, and a very realistic CGI dragon that destroys Gringott’s. Just be aware, bypassing these may make for a better night’s sleep.

Returning to London

Be sure to check the train schedule for your return times to London. Make sure you are aware what time the next express train will be departing: it’s the difference between a 12 minute ride and a 50 minute ride back to the city.

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