A Do It Your Yourself Edinburgh Pub Crawl

During our holiday trip to Scotland, Sarah and I were disappointed to learn our Edinburgh Pub Crawl was cancelled. It was one of the top things we were looking forward to, so we each took to the Internet to create our own list of traditional as well as interesting pubs in Edinburgh. What resulted was an eclectic mix of old and new and a super fun night out in Scotland!

Panda & Sons

The Art of Travel Company Edinburgh
The “Barbershop”

We started off the night at Panda & Sons. By day, this actually looks like a Barber Shop on the outside (we actually walked by during our food tour), but in reality is a secret craft cocktail bar modeled after the prohibition era speakeasy that requires prearrangement to get in. You even enter through a bookcase door! The cocktail list is extensive and they do offer light appetizers. It’s definitely a local place and worth a stop. Try the Birdcage Cocktail. It’s really quite the presentation.

Do It Yourself Edinburgh Pub Crawl
Entering the speakeasy through the secret bookcase
Edinburgh Pub Crawl
The Birdcage Cocktail Presentation

52 Canoes

Do It Yourself Edinburgh Pub Crawl
The bar selection
Do It Yourself Edinburgh Pub Crawl
Cheers to the Tiki!

Everyone who knows me, understands I am a big fan of the Tiki Bar and when I found out there was one in Edinburgh, I knew we just had to go. It’s quite the contrast in this medieval city and the minute you walk in, no matter how cold it is outside, the décor instantly warms you. Full of colorful lighting and totem poles, it transforms you to a tropical location. The drink menu does not disappoint and it was a great place to get one of our fave’s—the mojito. They have the best rum selection in the city and a full menu. You can tell by the smiles on our faces, it was a favorite amongst us all.

The Blue Blazer

Do It Yourself Pub Crawl Edinburgh
Cozying up to the fire

This is a very traditional Scottish Pub built in 1867. It’s a quiet, quaint, local place. The one thing it has going for it, (and the reason we stopped here) is because it is the one of the only pubs in Edinburgh that has a fireplace. We didn’t hang here long, but we managed to score a seat right in front of the fire. The drink prices were really reasonable as well.

The Tolbooth Tavern

Do It Yourself Edinburgh Pub Crawl

This was absolutely the perfect way to cap off the night! Rich in history, the Tolbooth is actually rumored to be one of the most haunted buildings in Edinburgh. It dates back to 1591 when the building was used to collect tolls from travelers entering the burgh.

We happened into the tavern during karaoke night and had a chance to hear some of the local singers. I even managed to get Sarah to drink some whiskey (which she said she’d never do). We danced, we drank whiskey and we laughed. It was a great night of making awesome memories with those you love.

Do It Yourself Edinburgh Pub Crawl
Proof that Sarah drank whiskey!
Do It Yourself Pub Crawl Edinburgh
Here’s to a pub crawl well done!

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